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Friday, October 2, 2015

Ben Carson Jokes About Cops

Carson was speaking about his childhood in Detroit, when he joked, “back in the day, before they would shoot you” he was “throwing rocks at cars.” He described how angry drivers would run after him and his friends “and we would run slowly to encourage them — and just when they were nearby, we were gone like a flash.”

According to NBC News, Carson described how cops would come “always in unmarked cars, they’d be chasing us across the field and they would think they trapped us” when they reached fences. However, Carson said after he and his friends jumped the fence, they would turn “and laugh at [the cops] because they couldn’t do that.”

He used the story to build up to his remarks in which he expressed his support for police officers, saying that although some “perhaps are rotten,” many of them do not deserve to be treated poorly. “But you know what, that doesn’t mean that we go out and try to eliminate them. We don’t go out and try to kill them, we need in this society to really grow up and stop allowing ourselves to be divided,” he said.

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