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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amber Rose Poses Nude

Rose started stripping at age 15, a profession she remembers as invigorating, not tragic. “Best f**king time of my life,” she says. “I’m not going to say young girls should go be dancers. But that was my journey, and I don’t regret it.” Rose wonders whether Kim, deep down, might feel the same way about that sex tape. “She probably had a f**king blast. And guess what? At the time she was in love with that guy,” Rose says. “So don’t think you’re better than me, because we’ve all had trials and tribulations.”

Despite Rose’s intimidating beauty, she does show a vulnerable side. She calls Kanye “my ex,” for example, never using his name. When asked why she won’t listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the infamous album detailing their intense relationship, Rose replies “Never, ever, ever. It’s just not for me. Don’t get me wrong,” she says, “I’ll hear songs and I’m like, ‘Oh, he said that about me.’ No one knows what he’s talking about but me and him. People can’t decipher. They’ll be like, ‘That’s a cool song,’ and I’m like, ‘That happened to us when we were together.’” The two haven’t spoken a word in years, but when she hears his verses, she says, “Obviously, I know he’s talking to me through music.” So what happens when she’s out at the club and one of Kanye’s hits comes on? She does what everyone does: She dances. “I don’t give a s**t,” she says. “I was a fan. He’s really…he’s a good artist.”

The November issue of GQ will be available on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Tuesday October 20, and nationally October.

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