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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dear Great and Magmanimous President Obama

Congratulations on your success and endeavors in running the United States of America (Al Morocco) country & corporation. I often pray for your strength to our ancestors to keep your right guided and safe. (So far so good), smile I will keep this brief. 

I’m a 49 year old (Moor Man) from the Ohio territory. I’m a barber by trade so people and philosophy are my passion. In the year 2010, I began to study law and history while learning of Nobile Drew Ali through CD’s of Grand Sheik, Taj Tariq Bey, Dr. Ben Yusuf.
So I corrected my name and nationality to that of my fore mothers and fore fathers. I took into my heart and tongue the 5 principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice. Here in Lima, Ohio, Judges have taken their oath and transferred it into administraril position and have been violating all my unanialible rights.

I have been physically assaulted for proporting law. Mr. President Obama, (my word) I am not doing it disrespectfully. I conduct myself with all dignity. I can muster, but I am firm. It’s bad that police take our vehicles and I come to court rooms by special appearance.

When I appear in the court room, it’s in proper persona, in full life, Allodia in my thinking, Treaty of Peace, Friendship, and my Nationality Card AA222141 Charter. I am still their Chattel property and have been jailed, fined, and roughed up. Mr. President, I trust you to be a just man. I am personally tired of being scared of the police because I represent a nationality.

Let’s continue to help uplift fallen humanity. This was and still is the purpose of the Moor’s in humanity are Asiatic, Mexicans, and Europeans who also could use a self-check.
I’ve heard from a reliable source you recently signed the “Rights of Indigenous People.” I would love to have a copy of it “I Would Be Overjoyed.”

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