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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Place Where Women Are Sentenced For Gross Indecency

I guess this is something new happening in Morocco. 2 Morocco women are tried for ‘gross indecency’ for wearing dresses. The campaign grows in support of two Moroccan woman accused of "gross indecency" for wearing dresses considered provocative.

Moroccans in Agadir shoot slogans and hold placards during a demonstration against the arrest of two Moroccan women after their outfits were deemed inappropriate on June 27, 2015. The two young women, hairdressers aged 19 and 23, were harassed by a group of traders as they walked through a souq, or market, in the town of Inezgane near the holiday resort of Agadir.

Their lawyer is now counter-suing some of the men involved for harassment. The case has triggered a strong reaction in Morocco, which is divided between a relatively conservative majority and a more westernised section of society, who are proud of the country’s traditions of relative openness.

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