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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ray J Talks Exes

I'm sure all you ladies know Brandy brother Ray J right? Ray J dropped some major bombs about his ex-girlfriends Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston in a recorded conversation with radio personality Maxwell Billieon that has surfaced.

Among the shocking revelations, Ray J admitted to using the women to his personal advantage. “Right then when I was messing with them I was right at the peak of the Kim K sex tape…Whitney Houston… just I’m on top of the world as far as being a bad boy,” he said.

He then revealed he told one of the women that “you’re gonna be with me when I want you to be with me…then when we’re not together I’m gonna be with her or whoever the f**k I wanna be with.” Ray J, 34, went on to claim that he could have used Houston to reconstruct his failing career, “but at the same time a lot of people was turned off because she was big, and I was getting alright, but she was a little older.”

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