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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top 5 Most Stressed Out Cities

The Wrap-Up Magazine did its own survey on the top 5 stressed out cities in America. This is a survey done by recent cities visited in my lifetime. Take a look at what came out of my road travels in The United States.

1. Detroit
 Detroit's historic bankruptcy isn't the only thing stressing Motor City's residents out. Murder and property crime are prevalent in this troubled city, which has had its police force slashed in the past decade for Detroit.

Many residents are also struggling to make ends meet. The metro division's unemployment rate is hovering around 9%, several percentage points higher than the national average. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of Detroit's residents live below the poverty line.

2. Houston
Known for its many oil jobs, Houston, Texas is the place which you can require 80-plus hour weeks in the oilfields. The metro area has the longest average workweek of all 55 places. Getting to work can also be a major frustration due to traffic congestion. Houston's massive sprawl means that residents are often forced to brave the roads.

Blame it on the booming economy. Close to 400,000 jobs have been added to the area in the past four years, said Patrick Jankowski, vice president of research at the Greater Houston Partnership.

 Brutal winters aren't the only thing raising Chicago residents' stress levels. The unemployment rate is still above the national average. Rush hour traffic is a pain. And with sunny days occurring around half of the year, residents don't often get the mood boost that the sun's rays can provide.

Chicagoans aren't exactly living the healthiest lifestyles. Binge drinking is common here, as is smoking -- and nearly 20% report they are in fair or poor health, according to a Centers for Disease Control survey.

 In New Orleans, Crime is rampant: The city has battled the notorious moniker of "Murder City," with a murder rate consistently among the nation's highest. On the bright side, it's cheaper to live here thanks to below-average living costs. The median home price, for example, is around $160,000.

Health concerns are also weighing on many residents. Almost a quarter of people surveyed by the CDC reported they were in fair or poor health. Smoking and lack of exercise are also common.

5. Memphis
 There can be a lot to sing the blues about in Memphis. Crime is rampant here, with a murder rate that trails only Detroit and New Orleans. Around 20% of the metro area's residents live below the poverty line.

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