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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Addict Robs Girl Scouts

A California heroin addict said he stole cookie money from a group of Girl Scouts because he needed to pay for a drug fix. Cody Phillip Gintz confessed to the Sunday San Jose swoop and said he immediately felt guilty — especially after a 10-year-old scout started yelling at him.

“I definitely feel bad about it,” the 23-year-old said in a jailhouse interview with NBC Bay Area. “I would definitely tell them I’m sorry.” Gintz said he was broke and experiencing an intense heroin withdrawal Sunday when he stopped at a San Jose Safeway to use the bathroom. He noticed a troop of scouts selling cookies near the entrance and eyed their lunchbox full of money.

Gintz snatched the lunchbox — filled with $300 in cash — and ran off as the 10-year-old Girl Scouts and their troop leaders screamed at him. He felt remorse when he heard the little girls’ cries, he said, but ran away before anyone could catch him.

Police tracked him down, found the cash and returned it to the scouts. The officers also purchased every box of cookies the troop had left — $240 worth of Thins Mints, Samoas and other goodies — and made a $60 donation. That doubled the girls’ earnings for the day.

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