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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Migos And Chief Keef Beef Squashed

The beef between Atlanta rap crew Migos and Chicago's Chief Keef has been drawn out for about a year now, but finally all of the tension between them has been put to rest.  While both the Migos and Keef's GBE crew have spent a lot of energy harboring negative emotions and firing off disses at one another, they managed to put all of their differences aside for the benefit of their careers.

Both Keef and the Migos members posted the same picture of them standing together, with the official Migos Twitter account captioning the image, "Miglo."  Their newfound peace was influenced greatly by Atlanta OG KK, who intervened and helped the young rappers turn what could've become a very negative situation for both sides into something positive that can they can benefit from in the long-run.  OG KK addressed their newfound peace on Twitter.

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