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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Slick Rick Lyrics

Chorus: Look at these slick kicks, these grams of the yams got me slick rick. I think i'm +Slick Rick" buy another bottle cause we in this bitch, we in this bitch.

Verse: I'm like what the fuck be going on, dope steady slanging, trap on strong. When they be money fed, power head, cracked out junkies. I grab on my dick and make your bitch start jumping. New J's, old ways, aint me. Been getting money the way you niggas cant see. You can blame these streets if they put me on my feet, call me brick don shawty like I slang whole keys. Biggie Smalls money, pockets got bank knots. 

These niggas hating, so I click up with these big guns. Please don't blow my high, because i'm on cloud nine. They say you need a parachute when you fly, money piled high. A hustler from the start, and you can see it in my eyes. These niggas hating, money long homie check the schedule. I been booming and bucking, i'm on a differnt level. Kush pack, laid back, eyes rolled far back. Rolling up these big blunts aint no price tag on my swag, i'm know for showing my ass. You dare step in my pad, I bet you bitch niggas don't last.

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