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Friday, October 17, 2014

President Obama Credit Card Declined

Rumors are that the President of The United Stated credit card was declined in a New York City restaurant. Obama mentioned his credit-card issue on Friday when he spoke while signing an executive order aimed at protecting people from credit-card fraud. He said his card was rejected when he was having a dinner date with his wife, Michelle Obama, in Manhattan during the UN General Assembly.

Business Insider reached out to JPMorgan to ask why Obama's card may have been shut off. A company spokesman declined to discuss the matter and said the company does not " comment on customers' accounts."

This isn't the only recent issue with Obama's credit card. Earlier this month, a JPMorgan SEC filing revealed the company suffered a massive cyberattack where personal information from tens of million customers may have been "compromised." The company declined to comment about whether Obama was among users who may have been affected. 

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