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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Your Somebody Famous

Hey sexy momma, hold up! Can you tell me what your name is, got it going on! Rocking the latest, looking like, you somebody famous. Hey yo sexy momma, whats your name and how you doing. She aint easily influenced cause her sex appeal brewing.

She rocking the latest, don't know why she aint famous, she has to be my lady to have my mind gone crazy. She replied "Hi, my name is Mrs Shine, why you asking about me now, like I aint been around. But Marcus you a star and I dont need to date your kind."

Well tell the ladies that baby I grind thats why the star is mine. You keep a nigga down, as the world turns around. She said, "Boy you aint slick, I be reading all the tweets." But I be doing me, just like I do it for the streets. You rock this game well, through your style I can tell.

With a bank roll, more shows, i'm making you the chosen. Model of the year, let me whisper in your ear. I'm calling your phone, but you aint alone. Cause lady, your image for sale, thats how you getting all your mail.

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