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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Proud To Have You

Your my #1 fan, I just want you to know, that I am thankful to have you, here at every show. When i'm up on stage and looking out at the crowd, I know your out there i'm a make you proud.

If you know you are a Marcus favorite, then hit your boy up on facebook. Leave a comment with your picture, just to show you loving me. Ur my number one fan, your the first one on my tops. You make me proud when I see you, smiling somewhere in the crowd.

Girl you is my queen, your the diva of my dreams, take you places I done seen, then maybe have a family. Your my ride or die girl, your my independant chick. Thanks to all my fans that really give support to me. I'm always on time, to try to succeed, to try and achieve. Still on wheels and hater free, hope my fans remember me.

Give a shot out to these streets, and all the girls that ride with me. I love this industry, take a look at what it did to me.

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