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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why They Hating

Kind of like the photo say above, "before you ask someone why they hate you, ask your why should you even care." Some people hate each other because they grow up feeling insecure, "small" and vulnerable, whether because of parenting, poverty, 'karma', or randomness. Yes people do hate other people..Even though this is wrong.

There was a recent problem with me at work selling movies on the job, so someone took it upon themselves to tell the front office on me. After that, I find out there selling movies now too. Like really, how small do you get.

To be honest... people don't hate each other for no reason. Some would say, "we don't hate each other, It is just that we have been misunderstood by each other."  I never really get why people dislike each other so much. Yet people in the past have done things to hurt me but its not like I hate them.

There are more that ten rap groups in the city of Lima, Ohio, but none of them know how to sell their music digitally but me. So when i'm asked about it, I tell them "the game is to be sold, not to be told." It's not that i'm holding a secret back from them, its just thats my way of making my studio stand out from the rest of them. If you would like to hear our music, click the link below to check out more.