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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reason Drake And Rihanna Broke Up

Trending now is the new rumors of why +Drake Graham and +Rihanna broke up. A source told Hollywood Life that the “Stay” singer gave Drake an ultimatum to win her back. The couple split because Rihanna felt like the “Trophies” rapper was neglecting her; Drake reportedly thought Rihanna was being too “needy.”

She doesn’t know how to grasp the situation, meaning him wanting to hustle and focus on work. She gets it but still thinks he should be able to make time for her no matter what. She’s a woman and she wants to be put on a pedestal.

Hollywood Life claims that Rihanna had gotten used to Drake showering her with affection at the beginning of their relationship and was upset when things started to change. A source recently told US Weekly that a huge fight between the rapper and Rihanna is what led to the couple calling it quits. However, the source does believe there’s a chance for them to work things out and get back together.