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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Look Younger Instantly

As age sets in, our bodies slow down. We all want to look our best as long as we can. Practice standing with your arms at your sides. Next, turn your thumbs outward. Your shoulders automatically go back. Practice this until standing up straight becomes second nature.

Having a good night's sleep of 7 to 8 hours gives your body a chance to rejuvenate itself. With the right amount of sleep, you will wake up looking and feeling younger, more refreshed. Coloring your hair to hide the gray is a great way to hide the tell-tale signs of aging. Choose a color that is close to your original color, so it naturally complements your facial tones. If you like, consider highlights or low lights.

Longer hair actually can make you look tired and worn down. Shorter hair eliminates the dry ends, creates a more bouncy look and can improve your overall youthfulness. Avoid heavy makeup. Complement your natural shades and don't load up on makeup. Use a light foundation, one that will not sink into and highlight wrinkles.

As our eyes change and our prescription glasses need changing, so does the style of frames. Updating your current frames creates a more current, up-to-date look. A smile changes your whole face and makes you look more radiant, distracting from areas that show your age. Along with that smile, maintain a positive attitude - blocking negative thoughts that cause stress and wrinkles.

Outdated fashions outdate you! As your body changes, so should your wardrobe. Most important -- avoid baggy clothes. Wear outfits that complement your body and help hide areas of concern. Take a few minutes every day for a proper skin care regimen that will cleanse away impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrate and nourish the newly revealed skin cells, plus an eye gel or cream to target crow's feet. Proper skin care will help restore that healthy, radiant glow!