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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Story Of Sexual Regrets

All men and women have a lot of regrets. Every aspect of life is often filled with regrets – some big, some small and others negligible but still very much present. It was revealed that it is the women who regret more after a sexual experience that is casual. About 50% of the women thought that they had taken the ‘move’ too early. In contrast, men were found to lament about a failure in bedding a higher number of partners.

Two people, Linda Kelsey and Ron Marx share their honest journey about their sexual lives. The former, aged 61 is a writer and the latter, aged 59 is an osteopath. Herein they share their respective stories to The Daily Mail. Linda reveals one of her experiences with a handsome barrister. Just after two dates, she had agreed to accompany the hunk to Paris to spend the weekend. His hot physique got Linda in an adventurous mood. Further, she was a single lady in her late twenties and there was nothing at all that would stop her. Sexual revolution had had its impact. Working for the Cosmopolitan magazine was another aspect driving her passion.

Paris is one city known for its romantic atmosphere – here she was with her charm and still she felt she would have been better off alone in her flat back in London. The realization had come that she did not suit the casual sex genre. Regardless of good looks, she could not feel a sexual high with somebody whom she did not like much. Linda realized that emotional attachment was necessary for love-making – if the act can be termed so.

Ron ran into a woman whom he had not even seen for about 35 years. She was known to Ron as a teenager – but vaguely. She felt Ron was a good looking arrogant guy. Ron was a shy person with girls who never considered him too attractive. This lady revealed to Ron that he could have got any girl if he wanted to, but Ron was different. He had lost his virginity to his girlfriend – both of them 16 years old at that time. Till 20 he had been faithful to her despite seeing each other just twice a year. There were plenty of charming girls all around but Ron resisted all temptation. This relationship eventually met an end and then the next love affair lasted one whole year. He then met another lady whom he married five years later.

One-night stands also took place with women whom Rom met online. He began to enjoy what he was missing all this while in life. He wanted to rid himself of sexual regrets. Ron’s life was revitalized and he felt more energetic. He was now enjoying the sex life that he so much wanted when he was much younger. Ron’s friends who were themselves married for long began to envy him – finally.