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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Perfect Bar For Vegans

Miami now boasts two locations of the beer lover’s chain — one in Coral Gables and a new outpost on Miami Beach. Both have the same menu, which includes an extensive selection of Gardein foodstuffs — from wings ($10.95) to orange peel chicken ($16.95) to beef sliders ($11.95).

Just because you don’t eat animal products anymore doesn’t necessarily mean you want to forego the bar scene. After all, where else are you going to meet the Jay-Z to your Beyoncé? But hanging at bars is tough should you get the shakes and need to grub on something other than cocktail olives.

It should be noted, however, that this is not technically a “vegan environment” (since cooking surfaces are shared), so keep that in mind if you’re super strict about traces of anything. As far as edible options, take the barbecue chicken salad ($13.35). The massive, fiercely fresh dish is just as delicious with no cheese and no chipotle ranch — sub spicy peanut vinaigrette instead.

Plus, the drink selection is mind-blowing. If you can’t find a beer you’re into out of their hundreds of options, you might be a teetotaler. (If you need guidance as far as what’s vegan and what isn’t, alcohol-wise, try Barnivore) All in all, there’s no better place to drag your non-vegan friends for a boozy night out. Here, everybody can get happily buzzed and seriously satiated, animal eater or not.