Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Murda M44k (@murda_m44k) & LNG Knight - "Whole Lotta" (Video)

It's "Double4mobb" Don "Murda M44k"(MEEK) coming live and direct from the Eastside of "Tacoma,Wa" after being locked down for 17years "Murda M44k(Meek)" doesn't let that stop 🛑 him from serving up some of the realist bar's, his latest visual installment Murda teams with fellow double 4 mobsta "LNG KNIGHT" for "Whole Lotta" even though he's not there his Naybahood is still filled with "Whole Lotta" gun smoke so hit play ▶️ then go join the 🆓 FREE MURDA M44K (MEEK) Campaign via Twitter/ IG @Murda_Meek