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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Future or Jay-Z?


In recent news, after Jay-Z’s comments that nobody could go toe to toe with him in a Verzuz, many people on social media and artists alike have been trying to dispel Hov’s claims. One of the artists who thinks they could beat Jay is Future. Future tweeted that he’s bigger in the streets than Jay-Z.

Although many would say that Future does not stand to be any competition, the Wrap  Up Magazine wants to hears fans speak on the topic. Jay-Z comments had Future stans and Jay fans going at it on Twitter, arguing about who the bigger artist is. “In the streets im bigger then jigga. Ima run me a B up easy,” Future tweeted.

Jay-Z then followed it up with another Tweet saying that he’s the only artist that could get Kanye to pull up “whenever, wherever,” alluding to his Rolling Loud performance where he brought out Ye as a special guest.  And after Hov said that nobody could see him in a Verzuz battle, Future reposted an IG story from personality and Atlanta personality Big Bank DTE. The post says “I Promise You, Errbody from Atlanta Feels Like Pluto Can Win A Verzuz Against Hov.

While the internet keeps circulating, Fans Favorite is still waiting to hear what you have to say! It isn’t just Future who thinks that he can beat Jay in a Verzuz. Lil Jon said that Busta Rhymes would “smoke” Jay if the two ever shared the Verzuz stage.

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  1. Jay,Jiggs,HOV is the best rapper of all time death or alive.