Friday, December 24, 2021

Bash Brothers Duck Sh!t


The Bash Brothers Duck Sh!t Album is straight drop from the first Track the Hardy Brothers where Freaky Focus and Ok Cloud describe them selves through the eyes of the WWE superstars the Hardy Boys to their New Hot Video Tik Tok a Phenomenal song full of dope energy on which they blow up like atomic bombs. 

This Is A Next Level Hit filled with back to back punches over a insane beat. Mosh pit is a high energy awesome song about loyalty with an amazing original flow that catches your attention with every bar.

This whole Album is Awesome from the first to the last song Duck Sh!t a Hit that explains exactly who the Bash Brothers are and what they represent this is definitely that Real Life Syndicate Rite 1 Global Gaas!

Out Now On all Platforms

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