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Friday, December 30, 2022

What Happened to Female R&B Group TLC?


TLC was on the top of the world, and it was assumed that they were making it big. They were critically acclaimed and had much commercial success. Even now, "CrazySexyCool" remains the only album by a female group to receive a diamond certification (in other words, they've gone platinum 11 times).

While they are still noted as one of the most influential female bands, TLC’s stardom didn’t come without a platter of tragedy. TLC was one of the first R&B and hip hop stars of the 1990s. They formed the band in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991.

Their fifth studio album was released in 2017. The band was honored into the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame in 2022. The group went silent after the death of their founder, which also posed a challenge to their music.

Watch The Sad Story of TLC

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