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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Saigon Talks Mobb Deep Beef


Havoc started off speaking about the era in hip-hop before him, which Saigon explained as “an awakening.” Saigon then turned his attention to Mobb Deep coming on the map, and he explained that he “lost half my fanbase” during their beef. Saigon then explained that Prodigy and Havoc were trying to “wake people up” with their music, and he pointed out that 2Pac and Ice Cube were doing the same thing. 

This led to Havoc speaking about music execs putting insurance policies on artists, and he stated that there needs to be a movement to protect rappers today. Havoc and Saigon then agreed that some artists put themselves in dangerous situations, and they added that they recognize that and avoid those types of places today. Saigon then questioned why some artists feel like they need to prove that they can still go back to the hood, and he added that he doesn’t see the point in lingering in the hood. Saigon and Havoc also explained that they see artists trying to use money to buy respect, and they also spoke about MC Hammer and De La Soul being tough in the streets.

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