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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

How hip hop introduces a cultural variety


Let’s look at three other examples of how cinema glorifies hip hop to expand your understanding of principal human values. These works can be used to study cultures, sociology, psychology, and other important disciplines.

“Take the Lead.” This 2006 film directed by Liz Friedlander tells about the classical ball dancing teacher and a bunch of teenage ruffians forming an unbreakable bond and creating a whole new style. It’s not a cheap drama but a powerful work with remixes of famous jazz songs that can truly make you dance. It encourages youngsters to rely on themselves, not someone else’s assistance.

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“In the Heights.” This is also a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the movie that updated it has recently premiered. Directed by Jon M. Chu, this one demonstrates the struggles of the Hispanic population, but it’s not something created from scratch. The author has included his own experience into each line, so there’s a whole new reality waiting for your students.

“Do the Right Thing” is a 1989 film by Spike Lee that speaks about institutional racism with all the power of Black culture. It’s got an original jazz soundtrack that also includes the hip-hop pieces written by Public Enemy. The combination is as representative as it is beautiful. The original approach and the powerful message is something that every school and college student should keep in mind.

However stunning these examples are, writing a full lesson plan or creating the review to present the film is sometimes too time-consuming. Luckily, there’s always a reliable company that can get you a sample and ease the burden. For instance, Custom Writings is a trustworthy, time-tested essay writing service that has already helped multiple people across the globe.

Hip hop is a unique genre in that it can unite generations and make any experience, including the academic one, exciting for each participant. Teachers can use this kind of music during history classes or represent various cultural fusions possible only in the specific region. The assignment featuring something like that will speak to the deepest and most intimate feelings of each student. 

That’s exactly why many instructors consider it one of the best teaching practices to know what kids are into these days instead of condemning everything new. Here are several specific examples of using hip hop to get involvement and results that no money can buy from each student.

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