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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Strict Rules Jennifer Lopez's Kids Have To Follow


Jennifer Lopez is a true mom boss, who sometimes has to be tough to her twins - Emme and Max Muniz. J Lo's kids live by strict family rules which may seem weird for an ordinary person.

Emme and Max had to follow their mom on tours like gypsies, and that's why they were homeschooling instead of going to school and making stable friends. Yet J Lo has a very serious approach to education. She helps her twins with their homework, even if that means learning modern math with them. Jennifer made up "Sunday funday" rule for Emme and Max, which means they are not allowed to use their gadgets during the week but are free to spend every Sunday online.

Jennifer Lopez makes her kids eat healthy but allows occasional cheat meals and ice-cream. Yet Max and Emme did not like the vegan diet, which their celeb mom tried to adopt.

Muniz twins had to learn to be comfortable in the spotlight and to accompany their mother to red carpets and TV shows. Max and Emme must respect family traditions, which since lockdown include regular family dinners.

Emme can't wear makeup while she's a teen, but her brother Max was allowed to dye his hair purple. The twins learned to accept all the changes in their family: from J Lo and Marc Anthony's divorce to a new stepdad Alex Rodriguez and his daughters Natasha and Ella. Max and Emme are talented singers, but they are not forced to follow in their parents' footsteps. Emme does not plan to become a singer, but she already made a first step as a writer. This year 12-year-old Emme Muniz published her first children book titled Lord Help Me.

Jennifer Lopez teaches her kids to become humanitarians and uses their help for her own charitable initiatives. Thus Max and Emme learn to be kind and help less privileged people.

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