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Friday, July 31, 2020

Bobby Brown Talks Michael Jackson And The Moonwalk

Brown hit Instagram live to talk with Fat Joe aka Joeprah and revealed that he was the true creator of the Michael Jackson's moonwalk, reflecting on his entrance to the music industry.

“When we first started out I had just came from Alabama learning how to do the Moonwalk, the real Moonwalk, where you put the sand on the ground and do it from the sand on the ground and it was like soft shoed,” Bobby Brown shared. “And Michael asked me to show him how to Moonwalk.

“This is a true story you could ask Michael Bivins, you can ask Ronnie Devoe, Ricky Bell, I showed Michael Jackson how to Moonwalk. I’m not insinuating, I’m letting you know that this is what happened. This is how the Moonwalk was formed,” he added.

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