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Thursday, February 13, 2020

What If You Had The Chance To Meet Lil Wayne?

What if you were granted the chance to meet and greet with Lil Wayne? What would you say or do? Just picture if Lil Wayne brought you out on stage as a guest at one of his performances, how would you react?

The Wrap-Up Magazine wants fans to take them on a world wide adventure by letting them know your story and if you ever met Lil Wayne. Have you ever been to any of his performances? If so, then how was your experience?

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No matter if your a Lil Wayne fan or hater, what would it mean to you if you met the best rapper alive? Leave your thoughts and comments below on or any of our social media sites.

1 comment:

  1. If i met lil wayne, i would goo crazy, i might even faint because the gent is the best Rapper alive ��. I can imagine my reaction.

    Soo I'm basically a fan of lil wayne started listening to him at a very young age, and my old time favorite is "Pussy, Money, weed" �� i don't know why i love the song,the song has something special about it. I love the way Weezy loves.

    Anyways i have always loved his music and personality, and ohhh the gent is Libra!!
    His music just makes me happy, no matter which song because i love them all. When sad or going through my shit,i know i have lil Wayne's music and what i love about it, is that it will never leave my side.

    It would legit be a dream come through if i had the chance to meet the one who makes me happy through music.