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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

What Would You Do If You Met Jennifer Lopez?

What is Jennifer Lopez like in person? If you could teach Jennifer Lopez one thing, what would it be? Let's find out a couple of this we may know or may not know about Jlo.

1. Jennifer Lopez admits that she lacks computer knowledge and is awfully terrible when it comes to operating computers.

2. She loves to buy and read books, which are all about relationships. Maybe she is still trying to find the answers to her failed love life in such books.

3. Jennifer Lopez is not very good with the Spanish language and has a hard time speaking Spanish.

4. Jennifer Lopez was unknown to all, she appeared in a music video for Janet Jackson. The song was titled “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Jennifer Lopez was seen dancing in the music video. She has also been one of the backup dancers for Janet Jackson.

5. Jennifer Lopez is one of the Hollywood celebrities who does not drink or smoke. She should certainly be a role model for all those celebrities who are used to checking into rehab.

Here are a couple extra things you may not know!

6. JLo’s twins made it to the cover of People Magazine when they were a month old. Jennifer Lopez got $6 million from People magazine in exchange for her twins’ photos.

7. “La Guitarra” is a nickname given to Jennifer Lopez. Do you know the reason behind it? Well it is due to her body. Her body is curved just like a guitar, which makes this nickname perfect for her.

8. She is the only person in the history of the industry who has managed to take her music album and movie to the top all at the same time.

So what if you had the chance to meet Jennifer? What would you do or what questions would you ask. Hope you enjoyed the article! comment or share you information below!


  1. I would thank Jennifer for the great music's she sang to me every single day ��

  2. If I had the chance to meet Jennifer Lopez I would want a hug from her because I know the energy that she has inside her is Beautiful and Amazing and it would be a gift to experience that.

  3. i saw her in concert just not able to talk to her ! I love you Jennifer and may you find that true love 💕