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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

RedGangLilLaw (@lillawfrm029) F/ S.Dot (@Dotarachi) - "Spin" (Video)

It's them Boyz representing the Low-end section of Chi-Raq "2900" to be exact an this time they got young drill vet, 485 ENT. C. E. O. "S.DOT" riding shotgun to give y'all a visual message that there motive is to get rich, but they stay"Down to Drill" so sneak dissing and or any other form of disrespect will not go unnoticed or tolerated, so while they are on their road 🛣️ to riches they are outside and will "Spin" on any op block... So press play an "Spin" with "Redganglillaw" and the "29ers" and "S.Dot"and 485 ENT gang via Twitter/IG @REDGANGLILLAW & IG via @dotarachi

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