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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Absolute (@Absolute1185) - "Crashed" (Lyric Video)

Austin, Texas rapper Absolute presents "Crashed", the self-produced first single from his forthcoming album I Am Absolute. "Crashed" comes on the heels of his recent singles "Believe In Me" and "Paper Chasing" also slated to appear on I Am Absolute. Writing his first album at the age of sixteen, Absolute first broke out with his single "Hello".

Absolute describes his new single as "a verbal reflection on an event in my life. I actually crashed and totaled a brand new car. That accident not only impacted me the driver in more ways than one. It also impacted others to include the people closest to me. That can bring about a pain that'll make you question why did you survive the crash. Instead of living I should've crashed and died."


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