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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

@l3x Oliv3r - “Ch1ps”

@l3x Oliv3r is no stranger to darkness. Growing up in the crime-ridden town of Macon, Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta, the most he saw anyone achieve was a life sentence in a dead-end job. That was never enough for @l3x, he was always dreaming of the world beyond.

Welcome to the next enigma of Hip-Hop music. Get ready to go so deep into hell that you'll forget to care about heaven, and to get so high that you'll forget hell ever existed. His music is hot, smoky, and reckless. It's a quick overindulgence with someone you can't keep your eyes off of. His rhymes are written on the small of your back, and they leave scars. It's not for the timid, but for those that have smelled the devil's breath and lived to tell the tale, it’s nothing short of magic. Be sure to connect with Alex Oliver on his website, social media, and digital music platforms. 

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