Friday, March 17, 2023

G. Battles (@G_Battles) f/ Aloe Jo'el - "I Love A Real Woman" (Video)

San Diego-born, Oakland-bred rapper G. Battles presents the Battle Axe Media-directed music video for "I Love A Real Woman", featuring Aloe Jo'el with production by Yogic Beats. "Woman" comes on the heels of singles such as "Rolls Royce" featuring Spice-1 and Rick Ross (watch the official music video), "Roll Some Bomb" (Youtube), "Fidel Castro" (Youtube) and "Dogg Star" (Youtube). Now residing in Las Vegas, his music has been licensed for television shows on FOX and Showtime; on The Pitch, Shameless and in the film The Hot Flashes. Battles' single "Night Of Your Life" was recently featured on the CBS TV show "The Good Fight!" and Battles also made a quick appearance in Straight Outta Compton. Battles says his new song was written "to show my appreciation for women and to encourage love between the women and men of this generation, not separation. With it being Women's History Month, I felt it was appropriate to be released in honor of this moment in time." "I Love A Real Woman" is out now on Blak Hart Music / Empire Distribution.

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