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Monday, January 23, 2023

Zee Bo$$ - "Hidden Truth" EP

The Hidden Truth is the the title that best describes East Atlanta's (Zone6) best kept secret that's about to be told..... "Zee Bo$$" is looking to have a breakout 2023' with the release of his new EP, "Hidden Truth" which showcase's his wide variety of styles as he takes you on bar for bar chronological of his life... 

This hard hitting 5 track ep gets you ready to tackle your day, haters, naysayers, and all other life obstacles as Zee Bo$$ delivers his first chapter of his story navigating through the up's and downs and pitfalls of street life an what he hope's to gain with his come up also how him and the ladies get down basically why u should never count the under Dogg out that continues to grind to share his live situations with potential fans supporters streamers so stay tuned this just the beginning..... 

Keep it locked in with "Zee Bo$$" via IG: (@_zeeboss)

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