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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Smooky Smokes (@SmookySmokes) - "Purple Storm" EP

While blazing the scene with his 1300 brethren "Booman Lord" the N.W. side of Chiraq representative "Smooky Smokes" closes out the year with the 7 song ep "Purple storm" packed with melodic melodies for the cold nights with the ladies showing "Smooky Smokes versatility from hood love verses,to the smoothness, to heartfelt ride or die commitment.... 

So tap the Play button and vibe out to "Purple 💜 Storm" and stay connected to "Smooky Smokes" via Twitter @smookysmokes and IG @smooky_smokes500 and keep it you never know what other surprises"Smooky" has In store.

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