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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Foereign (@foereign_1700) - "Outside" Remix (Video)

Another one fresh off the block of "17th wood" located in the Pilsen section of Chiraq (Chicago) comes "Foereign" "Mr.1700" armed hard bar's and crazy punchlines..... As show in his newest video the "NBA YOUNGBOY" made famous song "Outside" where "Foereign" takes an completely makes it his own displaying his lyrical versatility.... 

"Mr. 1700" let's y'all know he's raising star whose hunger and ambition means no beats safe regardless of who's track it is so be on the lookout for "Foereign" your favorite rappers tracks sooner than you think In the meantime press ▶️ Play an stay connected via IG @FOEREIGN_1700 

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