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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Fastmoney Sunny (@fastmoneysunny), Troublemaker & Joselito Dapuppet - "Jit" (Juvenile In Training) (Video)

Press ▶️ Play to see and hear what happens when the Underground Drill King from Chiraq(Chicago) "Fast Money Sunny", connects with the Drill King from N.Y.C. "Trouble Maker" with a Cameo from Joselito Dapuppet you get the new anthem - JIT (Juvenile in training) where they trade bar's on how slidin, getting to the bag💰 an being lit, is nothing new for these two Drill King's 👑..... Who hail from different cities but the struggles, the grind, the come up's, remains the same..... 

So again Press ▶️ Play an enjoy the Lituation, an make sure you tap in with both King's via IG: "FastMoneySunny" (@fastmoney_sunny) (@straight_2_the_top_ent) "TroubleMaker" (@t.m_54backuppage) New York Chicago 

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