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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mixtape: Bigg Jigg (@BIGG_JIGG) - "My Grindin' God's Timing" | Hosted by @Samhoody

UMG/G2MMG artist Bigg Jigg Presents ‘My Grindin' God's Timing’ the Official Mixtape Hosted by Samhoody. If you Dont know the Name, Check The MF Chain 01 Bigg Jigg - Breathe Freestyle 02 Bigg Jigg Checks in/ Bigg Jigg Ft TPain - Motivated 03 Bodeal Checks in/ Bigg Jigg ft Bodeal - Street Grind (BSM Remix) 04 Bigg Jigg - See Aboutcha 05 Mike Jones ft Bigg Jigg - Blowing up my phone 06 Bigg Jigg, JFif, HustleJunkie - Too Much Sauce 07 Bigg Jigg Ft. P-Nyce - Step It Up 08 Bigg Jigg - Get Money

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