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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Cino Fresh (@CinoFresh) - "Bino" (Album)

Shake Life ENT. presents "Cino Fresh" - "BINO" the (Album) the Louisville who 1st emerged on the scene with the "RedTape" has been feeding the streets with his unique flows and heart felt bar's addressing the ups and downs of hoodlife, mourning the lost of his fallen loved ones. 

His pursuit of raising to the top of the rap game, not to mention getting lit with his "Shake Life" family.... With his lastest installment "BINO" "Cino Fresh" gives a healthy helping of all those elements and then some not to mention putting on for the "502" Louisville, Ky to be exact. 

So press ▶️ Play an get lost in the whole vibe known as "BINO" keep up with Cino Fresh via Twitter @cinofresh IG @CINOFRESH1

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