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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Nick Nack Pattiwhack Is the King of Excursions

Nicholas Joseph, also known as Nick Nack Pattiwhack is an influential individual in a variety of areas; social media, hosting, travel, and branding. 

Due to his vibrant and unique personality, his content quickly trended on Vine. After going viral on Vine, prospects began to book him for hosting gigs throughout the U.S. Subsequently, Nick started traveling overseas to host events which resulted in the development of his company We Live Adventures. 

Panama City, Panama was Nick’s most recent adventure where he had the pleasure and opportunity to travel with 60 people. During this experience, everyone had the honor of meeting the president of Panama. Excursions such as this are now a typical day for Nick and his clients as he works diligently to assist people in living life to the fullest. 

In addition to hosting and travel, Nick has launched a liquor brand Amistad Premium Liquor which further accommodates the creation of short films, music videos, and other forms of content. With Will Smith as one of his biggest inspirations, it’s no surprise that Nick is passionate and successful in so many areas. 

Be sure to follow him on social media. Who knows? You may find yourself on the next flight to one of his excursions!

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