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Thursday, May 19, 2022

KiERAN (@kstewartshow) - "Fire Crotch" (Album)

KiERAN delivers his Latest Project, "Fire Crotch" While spending most of his life growing up by the shore of New Jersey, humorous hip-hop artist KiERAN was more interested in the gritty aesthetic of 1990’s east coast/G-funk era rap albums instead of spending time at the beaches in the summer (which makes sense considering his pale ginger complexion) while also enjoying standup specials from the likes of Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Bo Burnham. 

A lot of KiERAN’s music is locked and loaded with skits and humorous bars/moments, while also trying to stay in line with the contemporary of a hip-hop song. His latest project (FiRECROTCH) doubles down on his targeted aesthetic of great rapping along with hysterical nonsense. As well as the comedians listed before as influences, KiERANs biggest musical inspirations come from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Big Pun, Big Daddy Kane, J. Cole, and again, Mr. Bo Burnham. 

Click and listen to the "Fire Crotch" Be sure to follow KiERAN on all digital and social media platforms.

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