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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dt$Kii Is Set to Drop Music All 2022

Greenville, South Carolina recording artist has big plans of dropping music all year. He is determined for the world to hear all he has to bring to the music game. Since Dt$kii was young, he always wanted to be a recording artist. When he first started, people took him as joke but he continued to show up and make his talents undeniable. Despite always feeling like he is being counted out, he kept that drive and hunger and it is set to carry him all throughout the year. 

His latest release is called 'Elevator' and the elevator symbolizes his feelings of stuck in his city with people that don't want to see him level up. At this very moment, Dt$kii is planning the music video for Elevator and some other songs as well. He is looking forward to building his fan base and inspiring others with his career.

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