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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Premier Cutz - The Barbershop Where You Socialize and Hear Poetry

Getting your hair cut in the Washington, DC area just got a whole lot more interesting, with the help and unique vision of Justin J. Allen, renowned entrepreneur, and business owner. 

His brand-new business is a barbershop and exclusive lounge combo that’s, quite frankly, exhilarating, since it will allow customers to combine two essential needs - personal care with socialization. We’re coming off a very socially deprived time in our lives, what with the whole Covid-19 business, which is what makes the launch of Premier Cutz and Premier Lounge all the more exciting.

Catch up with friends, and take care of business…

Premier Lounge isn’t going to just be your average Friday bar. Rather, it’s an exclusive lounge that will cater to high end tastes, both professionally and personally. It will offer a discrete, and intimate atmosphere for you to catch up with old friends, but also an opportunity to conduct an informal business meeting - all while waiting to get your hair cared for.

The Premier Lounge will function on the bottom floor, while the upstairs floor will be converted into an exclusive barbershop, called Premier Cutz. Here, Allen will bring in hairstylists and experts of great renown to administer only the choicest hair care practices and restore your capillary vitality. They will employ the best products in the industry and ensure that their clients are 100% happy with their haircuts, and new dos.

All the while, your friends or your loved ones will be able to wait for you in the classiest waiting room of all, the Premier Lounge. This way, going to the barber has gotten a sizeable upgrade, we feel. It’s no longer just a trip you undertake regularly out of necessity, but an experience in its own right.

It will simply be a pleasure frequenting the Premier Lounge and Cutz combo, to get your hair cut, but also your share of delicious beverages, and events. Because Premier Lounge isn’t just a place where you meet friends for drinks (and cutz), but also a cultural fixture.

One of the main goals of the brand-new enterprise is to promote and encourage the local creative scene. This is why the Premier Lounge will host regular creative events, such as poetry nights, spoken word shows, comedy stand-up nights, and other creative-related events. This way, Allen aims not only to offer a unique business idea to the market, but to also foster the local arts and creative scene in Washington DC.

So, whether you’re craving a bit of a cultural outing, a night spent chatting and catching up with friends, or even just a haircut, chances are you’ll find what you need at the Premier Cutz and Premier Lounge building, in Washington, D.C. Here, you get to look your best (thanks to the upstairs barbershop) and feel your best (thanks to Premier Lounge on the bottom floor), all the while enriching your knowledge and broadening your culture. 

For short, Premier Lounge and Cutz sounds like the perfect enterprise for our times.

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