Friday, June 4, 2021

Chase Hudson Calls Out Kane Bailey on Twitter After He Released a Song About Charlie D’amelio

Every dream of a young artist is to become successful. The ultimate end goal is for the music to inspire and tell a story that your audience can relate to. The hardest part of the music industry is gaining a following and maintaining a consistent audience. This is definitely not an issue for the aspiring songwriter and rapper, Kane - known by his stage name “Kane Bailey.”

Kane Bailey was born on March 8th, 2004 in Markham , Ontario. He was raised in White road with his Jamaican parents and eventually they decided to relocate to Toronto. From a young age Kane knew his career would result in him being some type of entertainer. 

Before fully getting into music Kane began making tikotiks as a way to get his name out there. His first video to gain traction was a trend where you would explain the different types of people in society. Since then, his content has mainly consisted of videos dancing to trending songs on the platform. In July 2020, he gained further exposure from his video that caused conflict with Tik Tok star Chase hudson. The video consisted of Kane exposing tweets of Chase's response after listening to Kanes single “Charlie D’amelio, which was Chase's girlfriend at the time. Chase Tweets “ And Kane Bailey, don't think that little song you made for Charlie has anything to do with this' ' Instead of continuing drama, Kane instead used this as a way to market his single, surpassing over twelve thousand views on spotify. Ever since then Kane began using Tiktok to further help him promote his music.”



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