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Friday, April 16, 2021

Kool Kev (@therealkoolkev) - "Bout Dem Bucks"

Kevin Rashad Lynch, known professionally as Kool Kev, is one of the most promising rappers coming out of Florida. He's building a supreme fan-base with an endless stream of quality sound, music, and music videos. Kool Kev delivers vivid colorful hood visuals with a saucey, kool, and singy cadence. One of the South’s most Koolest up-and-comers, Kev is doing his thang above a triumphant trap beat. Delving into the unsavory details about the street life, he's creating a massive amount of new music and ready to break out in a big way. The latest track from Kool Kev, "Bout Dem Bucks" prod by Gitt Fai is all about "getting money and puttin' on for my city", Tampa FL. On this track, "bucks" is a reference to money, and Tampa Bay Bucs Football team. You can hear it now on all music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

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