Friday, April 2, 2021

Bilistic - "Nothing But Classics" (Album) | @newliferecordz

Witchita, Kansas bred MC Bilistic arrives with his latest effort "Nothing but Classics". The rhymesmith takes the nostalgic route on this one, reaching back to some of the songs that helped lead him into rap in the first place. 

The result is not only a great listen packed with bars but also a fun trip down memory lane. In regards to the albums inspiration, Bilistic states the following: “To give you a little insight I have been doing music for 22 years. After so long it stops being fun and becomes more like a job, so I had to take it back to when music was pure enjoyment for me. Which was when I was a kid, in the 90’s. I decided to reinvent a bunch of tracks from that era which made me want to be an emcee in the first place. 

Along with producers Wild Bill & Gabriel Alexander, we re invented 20 of my most influential songs. We made the beats from scratch, no samples were used. Everything was done in house. The beats, the writing, the recording, the mixing, & even the music videos. Bilistics own indie label, New Life Records does it all!”

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