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Monday, March 15, 2021

DCHÉ is set to release its signature product line, Risqué!

 Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree Samuels signs a three-year multimillion dollar contract with DCHÉ, a black owned company that is setting the standard in the CBD, cannabis, and luxury lifestyle communities. DCHÉ strives to bring sophistication and sex appeal to these respective industries in a manner the public eye has never seen before.


DCHÉ has gone even further by bringing on CEO, Jay Shields in a very strategic move that is critical to the success of the company. It’s not just about needing a new CEO, it’s about finding the right one, and Jay Shields is no stranger to the business. He has branded his own awards show, magazine, several radio stations and has solidified many artists and DJs careers in the entertainment industry.


Jay Shields shared these few thoughts.


“The vision is there, and the team is phenomenal. I think that Safaree’s unique style makes him the perfect choice for DCHÉ’s first celebrity brand ambassador.


Safaree has gained a strong following with his lavish lifestyle through years of hard work and success. He is most famous for his role on Love & Hip-Hop, along with his music and most recently, 2020’s favorite social media rave OnlyFans. The Risqué product line inspired by Safaree is about to shake up the CBD industry and add that extra spice to your bedroom you’ve been waiting for.


Maurice Williams, owner of DCHÉ, also shared his enthusiasm about the Risqué contract.


 “We are blessed to have locked this deal in with Safaree. Health and wellness are always key factors we keep in mind with our products. With the DCHÉ x Safaree Risqué product line, we are excited to present products that not only promote health and wellness, but pleasure as well.”


Safaree, being a supporter of health and wellness, expressed his eagerness and enthusiasm


“I love what these brothas are doing! I love fitness and y’all know my wife and I just went vegan. When DCHÉ stepped in with the Vegan CBD gummies, they already had my attention, but what I didn’t know is what they had cookin’ for me! Gummies and a CBD surprise, but y’all will have to tune in to my OnlyFans to catch the sneak peak!”


Fans will be able to pre-order DCHÉ products during the official launch on March 17, 2021.    



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