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Saturday, November 28, 2020

"Own Your Own Destiny" Independent Business Workshop & Showcase Sat Dec 19 2020

"Own Your Own Destiny" Independent Business Workshop & Showcase

Saturday December 19 2020

at Private Location

Registration Starts at 4pm

$15 Admission Fee

For information 775-773-8133


Own Your Own Destiny Independent Business Workshop & Showcase is event designed to educate consumers on the music business such as copyright publishing, digital platforms, ISRC codes, business credit, financial freedom and more.

This event is hosted by Industry legend Wildman Teddy T. He has recruited some of his industry friends, DJs, producers, A\R Reps, music executives and more.

The event features a DJ listening session with some of the hottest DJs in the market giving artist feedback along with a panel discussion about the business of music and an artist showcase. This event will teach the music business for upcoming artist and give them the opportunity to showcase there talent.

Come out, network and collaborate for future relationships. This will be a live streaming event by NewkirkCinema

$500 Title Sponsorship 10 people in free Retractable Banner Banner Placement at event Logo Placement on Social media marketing Product in Event Bags

$250 Feature Sponsorship 5 people in free Logo on step and repeat Logo Placement on Social media marketing Product in Event Bags

$150 Sponsorship Logo on Step and Repeat Logo Placement on Social Media Marketing Product in Event Bags

$75 Listening Session & Feedback Free Admission 2 Songs played for Djs Interview on StrongarmRadio & 88.7Fm Song on over 200 Blogs

$150 Artist Showcase 15 slots available 2 Songs Interview on StrongarmRadio 88.7 One month of spins on StrongarmRadio Song posted on over 200 Blogs Hosting at Club Clymaxx, Office, Playhouse,

$100 One Admission All Inclusive Vip Drinks and Food

$50 One Admission Banner of Step And Repeat

$15 Admission Fee

For information 775-773-8133 Pay Pal Invoice Payments ANuFoundationTrustnetwork@gmail.com


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