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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ohio Rapper Nasty V Releases His New Ep "Norfland"

Ohio rapper Nasty V drops off his dope new EP titled Norfland. Grabbing features from Von Graves & LV$, Norfland is a highly eclectic collection of songs with no two songs sounding alike. Overall the production of Norfland is retro, boom-bap, and sample-based – honestly, there's a little bit of everything on this new project. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of hip hop, you can hear the influence of 90’s rap sneaking through on multiple tracks. Nasty V himself has a unique delivery – a little choppy and unorthodox V makes his work to his favor and adds to his uniqueness. His debut project with USIC Brand, we’re hoping for great things to come for this up and coming artist.

Follow Nasty V on Instagram and be sure to stream Norfland again or now on all digital streaming outlets.

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