Saturday, April 11, 2020

Real List Magazines Artist "Prophecy"

It all began in 2007 in the small town of Baraboo, WI. with the vision of George Mcabee, who would later be known as, "The Prophecy." It began as a solo journey making his own music, and discovering his personal sound. He has found his way to share his passion for the musical arts. He and a group of passionate artists decided to come together and create the group known as," The Hot Box Boyz." 

They did not take long to start climbing, and making their way up in the music scene. In 2010 they hit the road on their first tour within the surrounding states. In the years to come he worked amongst some very well known names in the industry such as, 
Hopsin, Liquid Assassin, Mars, and even the notorious man himself Swizz.

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In 2015 the Hot Box Boys decided they needed to part ways, which left the Prophecy with a new vision. He did not want to be known for being in the game, he wanted to rise up and change it. He believed he could elevate the world along with him, and that he needed to give more.

So with that thought an empire was made with the rise of a new movement.

In the years to come Prophecy began his search to create an Elite team of artists who all had a message to deliver. Who would have imagined they would be hiding within the surrounding 3 towns of his own. Elevated Empire was born!

In 2016 the Prophecy recruited his first artist, "Kidd-cloud" into his vision. He was very well known for his quick wits, clever punchlines, and explosive energy. Whether he was writing or freestyling, he was a force to be reckoned with, and he intends to make sure the music world knows it.

In 2017 the Prophecy discovered yet another very promising artist, "Young Felix". Young Felix was only 17 at the time of being discovered which meant shows were limited for him. But it also meant he had more room to perfect his art by the time he was able to hit the stage, which he certainly did.

Next addition to the empire is known as "Kujo' U NO," who's been secretly making music without releasing it for years, and is now firing off an arsenal of sound waves for the people to enjoy and hold onto.

Even though the music was doing great, the artists all wanted to be doing more. The empire as a whole decided they needed some help progressing their team along. They hired a manager, Spencer Showers to help elevate their team even further. Since Spencer has taken on the role of team manager the Empire has turned into an actual business, producing many forms of merchandise and putting out more shows than ever before. 

Some shows our artists have performed at are Merkules, Chris Webby, Cryptic Wisdom, Caskey, and Ces Cru and Riff Raff that is only proving to be the beginning. We have made many allies in the fight to make our dreams come true turning promoters into friends, and friends into family.

We owe much thanks to Reid Stanton Productions R.S.P based in Greenbay Wi. Jake Olson and Dan Lasiewicz based in Madison Wi.

We are here! We are ready to be heard! We are Elevated Empire.

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