Monday, April 13, 2020

Real List Magazine Presents "Contradiction"

     "Born For The Game"

Ever since I was 13 I had a dream that I would move people with the music I put out on a cd. 12 years In this rap industry and I've accomplished a lot, I’ve featured In multiple magazines, I've performed for multiple venues across Montana and I’ve created my own business and independent rap magazine “Real List Magazine”. 

I haven’t even reached my full potential yet. In 2019 I dropped a new album under a new artist name “Holy Fire By Contradiction” I was given my name in a prison cell by a Devine voice that empowered me with a new direction for my life and my music to spit holy fire to my listeners. Diamond King died right then and there and I became a walking contradiction that opposes any negativity and corrupted views of who I am as an artist and a person. 

My albums since I started rapping have been telling a story of my transition from the dark to the light from my hell to my heaven the entire time it started with the dark times I was living in when I was in  Helena Montana being addicted to drugs and women and fame to judgement day when I was falsely accused for a charge I didn’t commit and was sent to prison judged for my sins and behaviors only to be reborn and refined  as Contradiction who is sent to inspire and wage war against the forces of evil using music as a weapon. 2019 was a year of refreshing and blessings I was blessed with a beautiful wife who raps with me and is my other half.

I was blessed to be able to open a successful business “visionary productions” with my wife Dara Povrzenich and begin making clothing and publishing books that point people to the creator of it all “Yahuah “who gave me a second chance. In 2020 I was offered a distribution deal by “Stretch Hold Music Group” right along side my talented wife Dara aka “Lil $hawtyy”.

Things have been looking up for my career I now network with hundreds of artists across the nation and have linked Real List Magazine to two other major independent rap magazines “The Wrap Up Magazine” and “Piff Magazine” creating a spider web of exposure for talent everywhere. 

I will be dropping a new album in 2020 on all major platforms titled “Desolation” which tells people symbolically that America is heading for Its end  as end days Babylon prophesied in the Bible. This album is going to be a different sound then what your used to hearing from me and it’s going to be fire. It was destiny that I be a rapper and  there is no escaping fate so stay tuned in for what awaits for my fans on the tape. 

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