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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Co Owner of Real List Magazine "Lil $hawtyy's" Write Up For "The Wrap Up Magazine"

Lil Shawtyy
Only The Strong Will Survive

Hello world  Lil $hawtyy is here to tell you the history behind my music and what I’ve been through in my life that has formed me to be who I am today as a person and an artist. 

I grew up in the streets had to hustle to survive because I come from a poor family who resorted to the life of crime just to keep food on the table. I have witnessed some hell on my journey through this life I had to witness my husband of 20 years hang by a rope tried to save him but with no hope and I just couldn’t cope so I resorted to the studio my second home where I found my outlet. I’m a survivor of violence and tyrants who abused me and beat me down but I kept coming back up swinging. 

My music is unique you can feel my pain with every line and as a female artist I want to be respected and looked up to. You can check out my music streaming on every major platform on the internet under Lil $hawtyy and follow my come up. After a long battle with a drug addiction after being drug through the mud by a corrupted justice system finally I had enough  and I knew what I had to do with my talent I needed to get it out so every battered woman who has ever been abused by men could know there not alone, every person who has been addicted to drugs or have been beat down by the government can know there is more to this life then the struggle. 

We all have a story to tell  mine is lyrically. I want to be an inspiration for my children Trey, kk , Bub, and Teeny and show the world that your dreams can become a reality. 

I’m a boss and Im always on my grind right next to my talented  husband Christian Povrzenich aka “Contradiction” together we have opened up our own small home based business “Visionary Productions”  and  our own independent rap magazine “Real List Magazine” where we connect with the hottest talent around the world  and produce our own clothing line and offer a slew of services people of the lower class can take advantage of. Growing up I was influenced by artists such as “Eminem” , “Easy E”, “Doctor Dre” ,and many more artists who spit real life and are not fake. 

I’m working on a new album that is called “Ride or Die” dropping on all major platforms at the end of this year. I just signed a distribution deal with Stretch Hold Music Group who will help me get on tours and reach people across the globe with my unique sound  and get me paid for what I love to do. 

Fame and fortune Is not my motivator in this Industry being an icon for people to see raw talent and skill is. My tragedies album is my first project I’ve recorded and it’s gaining some momentum so I’m excited to see where this next project is going to take me. Be sure to go and become a fan of my music at the links below and follow my moves as I climb up the ladder of success one hater at a time one trial at a time. My new single “Im a bad chick” will be on reverberation for streaming under Lil $hawtyy. I’m taking aim at this game like a mercenary and this is my story proclaiming that only the strong will survive!!! 

Check Out My Latest Music And Projects Here:

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